Company History


Foun263689_213858121989197_5577923_nded in 1994 by Johnny Walton, John G. Walton Construction Company’s innovative approach to construction has allowed the company to quickly become one of the most prominent and successful Heavy, Highway, asphalt and Sitework contractors in South Alabama.

 In June 2011 we were proud to open production at our state of the art asphalt plant. This capability has only enhanced our ability to be more competitive no matter the project scope or complexity.


Company Philosophy


Guided by the experience and leadership of our management team, our employees perform at a high level. Our philosophy of efficiency, integrity, and a commitment to excellence has allowed the company to hire and retain highly skilled and multi-tasked employees.

In today’s ever-changing construction industry, flexibility is key to successful construction projects. Our company relies on quality personnel and experienced leadership to exceed our clients expectations.

Through our continuing commitment to profitability, quality construction, and the timely completion of projects on time and on budget, John G. Walton Construction Company has earned a superior reputation for performance among clients, engineers and fellow contractors alike.

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